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Winter is here and for many (often myself) this means that the cycling season is over. 
I feel I have a little bit of an excuse as where I live there is snow on the ground for most of the winter, but really, it is no excuse.

There are many thing you can get to make sure that winter cycling is doable, safe and even enjoyable.

So, first thing you can do, and my prefered option, is to get an indoor trainer set up for the winter. This often requires both a reasonable investment in a trainer and space to have it permanently set up. But my personal reeaon for liklinhg this option that I can set it up in front of my tv to enjoy whatever is on my tv at the time and cycle in the comfort of home without having to deal with the cold.
Indoor Trainers in the store

The other obvious option is to just dress appropriatly. Wear baselayers under your bib shorts and your jersey, use shell layer over your shoes and get good wind proof full finger gloives. This allows you to enjoy the outdoors even when it is very cold outside. Lets be honest, cycling outside is always better than inside (I am just often too lazy to get myself ready properly to go out).
Arm Warmers
Shoe Covers

If you really fancy a challenge you also get studded tyres for your bike to be able to cycle on the snow and ice on those freshly groomed hiking anf cross country trails in the mountain. You might not be well received by the other users of the trails but you should be faster than them.
Studded tyres

Also, don't foget that with the inter cycling, it often means it is getting darker earlier so a but more cycling in the dark, so make sure you wear all the right hi vis gear and lights.

Enjoy your winter cycling, service you bike properly both at the start and end of the winter season and enjoy.

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