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Satori Smart

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Follwoing on from the post about winter we have a review of a Tacx indoor training from a customer who bought one last season to train.

I purchased the Tacx Satori smart trainer last winter as a way to get some kilometres in during the cold wet winter months.  As a first time buyer I wanted to keep the price at a reasonable level. The Satori Smart arrived, hassle free and quick as usual from Michael, I had it unboxed and set up within 10 minutes with the bike attached. I downloaded the app to my smartphone to calibrate the trainer, this was pretty straightforward with no issues and the calibration felt right. The Satori Smart is very easy to set up, so you can easily store it away and set it up quickly if you don’t want a permanent set up. The bike mounts onto the rear axle though a quick release clamping system, which holds the bike well even during excessive sprints! I downloaded the Zwift app to my iPad and PC, both are easy to connect with, and this way I can watch my favourite youtube channels or movies while being able to play and monitor my training on Zwift. The Satori Smart has 9 settings, which can be varied for resistance, this trainer however does not alter the resistance on its own like more expensive models. The available power output is more than adequate for myself. Overall the Satori Smart is an excellent entry level or fist time buyer option for those who’d like to be able train throughout the winter or when time is in short supply. I’d recommend this product.

This is a great entry product into smart home trainers that connects to most devices, tablets, phones and computers and run on your favourite apps, Tacx, Zwift and Training Roads.

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