St-Cergues Roman Road

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St-Cergue is a great little town in the Jura above Nyon and is perfectly located for many outdoor activities during the winter and the summer.

With winter now over it is time to start cycling again and there are many trails and great roads to cycle on in the Jura around St-Cergue.

One trail which I do enjoy to ride is the Old Roman Road down from St-Cergue to Nyon.

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This trail follows the Old Roman road and crosses the main road at a few places. There are still many of the old cobles in the trail and with plenty bumps and jumps it is great fun to make your way from top to bottom.

The views from the trail are also great with views of the lake and surrounding foothills and parts of the trail going through the forests.

Going back up this trail is much harder but thankfully there is a convenient little trail train that going back up from Nyon to St0Cergue that stops at many of the villages at the bottom of the mountain.

You need to purchase an extra ticket for the bike but this is much better than the tough cycle back to the top.

Enjoy this trail and many of the other great rides in the area.
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