Goggles for VTT

Goggles for VTT

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Right a the start of riding VTT bikes I got myself a full face helmet. It was a no brainer. I ride like a bit of an idiot sometimes and the more protection I can have the better.
Although the full face helmet was a no brainer it took me a bit longer to get into riding with goggles. At first I use to just use my sunglasses with my helmet but now I am mostly riding with goggles.

Maybe it was just my helmet but I use to have problems getting my helmet on while already wearing my goggles, this would lead to me having to take my glasses off first before I could take my helmet off and likewise before putting it on. This lead to me loosing a couple of pairs of glasses as I just forgot I had taken them off mid trail to adjust my helmet and then never being able to find them again.

Another little annoyance I had with glasses in the helmet is that because they sat so close to my face they were prone to fogging and getting dirty but by sitting so far back into the helmet they were a pain to clear and wipe.

And my last gripe about glasses is that because they don't fill up the space on the helmet more things get into the helmet. Mud, bugs, stones. And these things are more able to get around your glasses and into your eyes.


Goggles have fixed these problems above. A good set of goggles sits nice and forward with the helmet making it way to clean and wipe, they fill the open space in the front of the helmet that stops things flying to the helmet.

I know everyone has their own preference and the best thing about cycling in all forms is that there are so many products you can find the best fit and style for you, but now I am completely in on the goggles for downhill mountain biking and would recommend others do the same.

Fora review on the goggles I am using at the moment see this post on Strata goggles by 100%

Have a look at our selection of goggles and enjoy your riding.
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