Leatt 3.0 X-Flow gloves

Leatt 3.0 X-Flow gloves

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This review for the Leatt DBX 3.0 X-Flow glove comes a little late from me as I bought these a while ago and have ridden them a few times and now it seams they are no longer available. They have been replaced by the DBX 4.0 which unfortunately I do not have to test and review here.

Firs things first, I think the gloves are great! The protection provided to the knuckle has already saved my knuckles from the road when I had a crash a few weeks back when a car pulling into the road spooked me. You can see in the pictures below that they got a little scratched up but in all my hands were fine to continue riding for the rest of the day.

Road Damage

The glove has a great fit. Very snug and this stops the glove moving about and potentially leading to blisters on the hand. If anything they are maybe a bit tight around the wrist when putting on and I felt like I might tear them the first couple of times I put them on. But once on you barely notice them.

I was a little concerned at first that the hard knuckles would be limiting for the movement of the fingers but these too are well places and barely noticeable until you need them most.

While the gloves are very thin they have great grip on the underside from the NanoGrip palm. This tech means that there is no added material or "dots" to help the gloves grip. Which also means these can not come off and the grip remains great even after washing the gloves. Also, this thin material is very breathable and so even on the hottest day out in the mountains. 

This was a great feeling glove that I would highly recommend to others if I could still get hold of it. Instead look at the newer DBX 4.0 which has build in moulded knuckle support and that I have discounted after this review.

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