Dropper Posts, why did it take me so long to get one?

Dropper Posts, why did it take me so long to get one?

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Dropper Posts, why did it take me so long to get one?
The simple answer to this question is that I didn't think it would be worth the money and always found other things to buy.

How wrong I was. For years friends of mine have been laughing at me for not having a dropper post on my all mountain bike and telling me how good they are. I would always just stop manually and change my post from peddling position to downhill position when I thought there would be enough of either up or down to make that move worth while. This always annoyed them a little that I was stopping and holding up everyone and often ment that I did not have my seat in the right position for little uphills and downhills.

Recently I picked up the Pro Koryak dropper post  (which we have on sale in the store) and installed in on my BMC Trailfox. The installation was really simple. Just replace the old seat post with this one, measure up how long you want the outer casing for the wire (included) and then cut it to size, instal the leaver on the handlebars in the desired location and after threading the cable through the outer casing and through the leaver, cut this to length as well.

And then I took it riding. I am now kicking myself that I did not do this before. The shifting of the post is so simple and fast and it means that I now never have an excuse to be riding in the wrong seating position. It makes such a huge difference to the riding and making the most of of the efforts you put into peddling.

If any of you still do not have one of these, then I highly recommend it. Don't waste too many years thinking about it like I did.

Enjoy your riding.
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