Leatt DBX 3.0 Enduro helmet

Leatt DBX 3.0 Enduro helmet

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Recently I got myself a new helmet to replace my old one which had hit too many rocks and trees with my head in it. I went for the Leatt DBX 3.0 Enduro which is a full face helmet that you can remove the chin guard to make it a standard mountain biking helmet.

Looking at the specs I was pretty excited buy what I read. It was going to be much lighter than my old helmet and has plenty of ventilation and lightweight padding inside. It also has the Leatt 360 Turbine Technology for added impact protection. There is a hands free clip for your water bladder and also a magnetic clip for the chin strap for faster securing even with thick gloves. There is also the removable chip guard that I mentioned above.

All of this sounded great and I was eager to test this helmet out and see if the specs were as good as they sounded. I was not disappointed. The chin strap is as easy as they come to get on (I actually had experience with this type of strap from my snowboarding helmet and this was just as good), and the clip for the water bladder works well (even if I have not yet been able to get my water bladder to work properly in that position, user error and not the helmet). 

The chin guard was the thing I was most concerned would just be gimmicky and that I would never use (like some people I know), however it is very well secured but at the same time very easy to remove. This made the helmet all the more comfortable on the long uphill rides when I removed the chin guard and placed it on my bag (easily secured through the vents) along with my excess padding that I did not want to cycle up in. But having the option of the full face is important to me as I mostly cycle my VTT downhill. This helmet was also airy enough that on shorter climbs it was not unbearable to keep the full face helmet on.

My only real complaint I have with this helmet is that my goggles do not seem to have a natural place to sit at the back to hold them in place. they stayed put but compared to my older helmet that seemed to have a designed place for the strap to sit on the nature of this helmet being a hybrid means those lines are not there.

In all, I am liking this helmet and it will continue to be worn on my head until it too has had too many crashes.
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