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The shirt that gives a little extra motivation and reminds you and your riding buddies to Pedal Damn it. American Apparel shirt with red Niner tag on sleeve, Pedal Damn It below back collar. Slim fit. 100% Cotton.


It’s more than just a name. It’s our passion. <br><br> The 29” wheeled bike isn’t just a token in our line-up. It is our one and only love, our heart and soul out there on the trail. <br><br> It’s 100% commitment to a wheel size we believe in, to impeccable designs & exquisite ride quality. It’s a dedication we want to share with you on every ride. <br><br> At Niner we are excited about the buzz - The good feelings we get when we sell products that we love to people that love our products. Being a part of the Niner community doesn’t start at the cash register and doesn’t end when you walk out the bike shop door. <br><br> On the trail, the Niner community is diverse and friendly. Whether you are on your local singletrack or in the middle of an epic journey, don’t be surprised to receive a ton of comments, questions and smiles – Niner bikes tend to generate conversations. Off the trail, you can count on Niner for great customer service. Once you’ve found the bike of your dreams, we back it with a solid warranty and a wealth of information to improve your experience and make you feel at home.