Strata Goggles by 100%

Strata Goggles by 100%

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These goggles from 100% have been a real pleasure and surprise to use. They are marketed as MX goggles but I bought these to use with my VTT to replace a problematic pair of Fox goggles.

The main problem I have had with goggles in the past is the ventilation not working properly and then the goggles getting all fogged up and full of condensation while riding during the summer. This these goggles this is not the case. Even though they are a mid range goggle the ventilation in them works great. To the point that even sitting on the bike or bending down to work on it with the goggles on they had no problems.

They have a good fit on the head within the full face helmet I use and don't pinch the nose to stop breathing.
There are attachements on the lenses to add plastic tearaway strips not that I have tried this feature.

I would have preferred a goggle with interchangeable lenses but these goggles have such a variety lenses at a reasonably affordable price it was no problem to just get two sets with the varieing lenses and styles I wanted/needed.

I would highly recommend a pair of these goggles for use with downhill and adventurous cross country.

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